Why use BreezeBlockers over gloves and shoes alone?

BreezeBlockers hand and foot shields offer significant advantages when compared to using "traditional" methods of keeping warm that may not be immediately apparent...

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The disadvantages of using gloves and shoes alone:

  • Winter gloves are often big and bulky.
  • Bulky gloves restrict movement when accessing brakes/gears and pockets and are difficult to remove and replace when your hands are cold.
  • Thick socks and gloves absorb moisture from rain, sweat and snow increasing in weight and holding moisture against the skin. Any wind chill exacerbates the problems of the cold.
  • Cold hands and feet cause discomfort and reduce your performance and safety.

The benefits of using BreezeBlockers:

  • Enable you to use light weight gloves and socks in severe conditions or no gloves in poor conditions.
  • Light weight and waterproof protecting you from the wind and rain.
  • BreezeBlockers offer improved aerodynamics.
  • BreezeBlockers create a pocket of warm air around your hands and feet keeping you warmer and drier for longer.

The result...

Warm hands and feet in cold weather conditions!

  • ride for longer
  • in worse conditions
  • enjoy riding without the pain of cold hands & feet

still not convinced?

We conducted extensive research during the development process which proves these advantages and other benefits.

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