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Armour Range

On a cold, wet, wintery morning (of which, sadly, there seem to be so many lately), I sometimes forget for a few minutes why I decided a few years ago to take up cycling. I look out at the drizzle and see the trees blowing and just know that its going to be a freezing trip to work or, on the weekends, I begin to rethink my planned off road route. Recently though, I have discovered a new product which makes the prospect of my commute or an early morning jump start much less distressing in bad weather.

BreezeBlockers have totally changed my mornings and I have benefitted greatly from the ability to properly use my fingers immediately upon arrival at work. If you have ever suffered from the dreaded numb-fingers-can`t-pick-up--pencil-or-dial-my-phone syndrome then you should have a look at the Armour range.

Basically, these BreezeBlockers are just a waterproof and windproof shield that fits on your handlebars. Made from ABS plastic, they are designed to be aerodynamic so as to not affect performance and are also lightweight and durable. Putting them on and taking them off your bike is relatively simple as they are attached with straps and a removable mounting system - helpfully, they also are built to accommodate any additional equipment which I have found useful at night for attaching additional lights.

There are a number of options within the range and the choice of which is right for you will depend on your cycling purposes ie made for either commute or off road trips or a combination of the two. Once attached, they basically force cold air to flow up, over and away from your hands which make for a much more pleasant experience when the air is cool. Also, I`ve notice that if I`m not wearing gloves my body heat reflects within the pocket and it becomes nice and warm which is a definite plus for me.

I know that with so many products on the market, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with bike news & events. It is only through sharing our experiences that we can steer clear of poor products and gauge where to spend our hard earned money. That said, if you`re like me and would prefer to arrive at your destination sans numb digits, then take my word for it and invest in the Armour range to keep your fingers comfortable in the cold.