hall of fame

Jody Cundy MBE - World and Paralympics Champion

Jody Cundy testing BreezeBlockers

"My AeroGuards have been permanently attached to my shoe throughout this winter."

"The extra layer of protection they offer has been warmly welcomed, especially as it's been pretty cold this winter.”

Marek Konwa - Polish MTB & Cyclocross Champion

Marek Konwa cycling in the snow

"For several weeks I have the pleasure to use in training pads on hand BreezeBlockers company.

After a quick mounting pads on the steering wheel clamping strips, we can enjoy with their use. Works by protecting your hands from the cold air, which is why so far my hands on training. By using BreezeBlockers problem to go away even at freezing temperatures. Of course, we also have some gloves. I recommend this as the most innovative product."

Rob Hayles - Triple Olympic Medalist & Double World Champion Cyclist

Marek Konwa cycling in the snow

“Tis a little chilly out there. I've been using the Blockers on all my bikes and they've been great!...."

"What can I say! It's not extravagant to have warm hands and feet; it's a necessity.”

Alex Dowsett - BreezeBlockers on Team Sky training bike

Team Sky training bike

"It's all about your hands and feet; if they're cold or numb your ride will be miserable....I use BreezeBlockers on my handlebars....you can tuck your hands in away from the wind .”