Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I use the 'Shields' when I can just use gloves?

  • To be effective, winter gloves are often big and bulky and hinder access to the brakes, gears and your pockets.
  • Once wet, gloves become less effective.
  • No matter how waterproof gloves say they are, once they are fully saturated they become highly inefficient.
  • BreezeBlockers products allow you to wear less bulky and light weight gloves allowing improved dexterity.

Why would I put the 'Shields' on my handlebars?

  • If you can keep warmer and drier for longer you feel better and it will make cycling in the cold feel easier.
  • The advantages of using BreezeBlockers has been scientifically proven to offer significant benefits, not only keeping your hands warm, but also your thighs as the shield deflects the wind both up over your hands and down past you thighs.

Is it dangerous to use the 'Shields'?

  • It is more dangerous to not be able to feel your fingers/ hands and have to pull the brakes in an emergency, than it would be to use our products.
  • The shields will keep your hands warmer and drier allowing you to operate the brakes and gears more effectively.

How easy is it to get to the brakes in an emergency?

  • Once you have learnt the repetitive movement of getting to the brakes, it is no different to using cleated pedals for the first time.

I don't normally ride with my hands on the tops of the bars!

  • Riding on the 'tops' improves your riding style and posture.
  • Experienced riders try to avoid being on the hoods/brakes all of the time and when on longer training rides, the 'tops' is a good place to have your hands.
  • The shields offer protection to the hands whilst riding on the tops, this allows your hands to warm up when they are cold and then you can ride with your hands on the hoods or in the drops.

My hands only get cold when I am descending and going faster, I can't have my hands on the 'tops' descending!

  • Of course safety is of paramount importance and you need to ride with your hands close to the brakes, but once you have fully descended you can warm your hands up by putting them behind the shields.
  • Once warm you can then go back onto the hoods.
  • Think of the shields as a safe place to hide and get warm.

Ok - I have been semi-convinced but I am still a little sceptical!

  • See our testimonials on this page and look at our scientific testing for further information.


"Tis a little chilly out there. I've been using the Blockers on all my bikes and they've been great!....What can I say! It's not extravagant to have warm hands and feet; it's a necessity."

Rob Hayles - Triple Olympic Medalist and Double World Champion Cyclist

"I have just bought some of your Aero Shields and wanted to give some feedback. I have to say that it is a product that I have been waiting for someone to invent for years. I ride 25 a day commute all year round and really suffer with cold hands and feet - especially last winter.

I have tried every combination of winter gloves/shoes/over shoes and never found anything that truly works. So far I am really, really impressed with your product. I don\'t generally ride on the tops so that will take a bit of getting used to but they were really easy to set up and best of all, really work.

Really chuffed. A great product brought to market by a UK company. Branding, website etc all really solid too. I have already been singing your praises cycling chums. I'm in the market for a set of your toe ones now, I guess."


"How does the song go, 'they all laughed at Wilbur and his brother'?

Well, you all laugh at the appearance of these but come winter I would suggest you'll be seriously considering them. As a northern-based cyclist myself (one with circulation that would make a snake chilly) I know fine well the awful winter temperatures which besmirch my training rides. Moreover, as someone who is looking to get into racing next season I see my winter miles on the road this off-season as absolutely essential if I'm to have any chance of sticking it. Being cold has, for me, a very negative affect. So does 3 pairs of gloves on my handling ability.

I would hasten to add these are about as dangerous as riding in the winter on the roads of the North East, or being clipped into a bike for that matter.

Anyway, laugh all you want. I'm going to be with Wilbur and his brother - warm hands and all."

"Initially I was pretty sceptical about how much of a difference BreezeBlockers would make compared to conventional gloves, but I gave them a shot.

The difference was unbelievable and in all but the coldest weather, you can do away with gloves if you wanted. Im a definite convert.” - Rich

"I fitted a pair to my bike just before the recent -14°C cold snap and my hands now stay warm for the whole journey. Usually by the time I get to Cyclorama HQ the ends of my fingers are starting to feel blue. Cold fingers are a thing of the past – and that's very cool."

Mick Allan – Cyclorama

"My AeroGuards have been permanently attached to my shoes throughout this winter. The extra layer of protection they offer has been warmly welcomed, especially as it's been pretty cold this winter."

Jody Cundy MBE – Paralympics Gold Medalist

"I fitted a pair to my bike just before the recent -14°C cold snap and my hands now stay warm for the whole journey. Usually by the time I get to Cyclorama HQ the ends of my fingers are starting to feel blue. Cold fingers are a thing of the past – and that's very cool."

Mick Allan – Cyclorama

"I bought pair of the aero hand guards at the bike show and fitted them on the weekend. They are amazing - I am a Raynauds sufferer and I cannot believe the difference they make. I am a huge fan!"

Naomi Anderson– Cycle Show Customer