About us

BreezeBlockers are a company based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North East of England. They have invented, designed, fully tested and now manufacture a range of bicycle accessories aimed to keep a cyclist warm in the cold, wet and windy weather.

"Whilst riding my bike during the winter months I was fed up of having cold hands and feet and was keen to develop solutions to rectify such problems."

The company director and product inventor is a keen commuting and competitive cyclist, and took the opportunity to form BreezeBlockers after hours spent cycling and experiencing the problems of cold hands and feet. Following on from market research and asking fellow commuting, club level and elite cyclists, he found that many other people suffer with the same problem.

This lead to the formation of ‘Breezeblockers Ltd’, a company that invents, manufactures and sells a range of bicycle accessories, aiming to keep a cyclist warm in cold weather conditions. Their mission is to make winter a warmer and less miserable season for cyclists! And when you live in the North of England you get plenty of experience of how miserable it can get.

and so the AeroShield was born...

The ‘AeroShield’ was the first product to be developed in the BreezeBockers range.

Its ergonomic and stylish design is protected and has patent pending; the AeroShield was created as a practical solution to the problem experienced by many cyclists who ride in cold weather conditions.The AeroShield simply attaches to drop racing handlebars and offers a sheltered area for the rider to place their hands on the tops of the handlebars.

It offers a comfort zone for the hands, a safe place to hide!

The revolutionary product is an affordable, aerodynamic, and most importantly, effective accessory for anyone who is a keen cyclist and rides a racing bike with dropped handlebars. The AeroShield was developed for keen and competitive cyclists, who find it a necessity to have to ride in all weather conditions.