BreezeBlockers hand & foot shields

thermal protection for cyclists

BreezeBlockers are lightweight, aerodynamic, waterproof and windproof shields for handlebars and cleated shoes, scientifically proven to keep your hands and feet warmer and drier for longer.

There are significant advantages to using gloves and overshoes alone.

Once gloves and shoes are saturated with water and moisture from the body they become cold, heavy & ineffective; the wind-chill then makes you significantly colder. Our shields provide waterproof, windproof thermal protection that can be used with lightweight gloves or no gloves at all. Our shields:

  • protect gloves/shoes from the wind & rain keeping you drier & warmer for longer
  • improves dexterity allowing access to brakes/ gears /pockets
  • aerodynamically diverts wind from the hands, forearms, thighs and feet
  • allows you to ride for longer in worse conditions and enjoy the ride
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Scientifically tested and proven

BreezeBlockers hand and foot shields have evolved after considerable research and development to maximize thermal effect, aerodynamic capabilities and impact protection.

  • BreezeBlockers 'Road' handshields physically protect the hands with a barrier preventing the hands from getting cold. Gloves are less saturated with water.
  • Heat generated by the hands is reflected by the shield and creates a warm pocket of air keeping you warmer and drier for longer.
  • BreezeBlockers shields divert wind over the hands, wrists and forearms, reducing the wind chill factor.
  • BreezeBlockers shields divert wind from your thighs reducing the wind chill factor.
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Finally..... a real solution to the problem of cold hands and feet.

BreezeBlockers offer an innovative range of aerodynamic bike shields. Whether you are a competitive, leisure or commuting cyclist, our product range is designed to protect you in cold, wet, and windy weather conditions.

Installation and removal is quick and easy using reusable straps and mounting systems. The shields allow for mounting of your lights, computer and other accessories. The foot shields are designed to be used underneath existing overshoes or can be used on their own.

protection for hands
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protection for feet
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Jody Cundy MBE World and Paralympics Champion

Jody Cundy testing BreezeBlockers"My AeroGuards have been permanently attached to my shoes throughout this winter"

"The extra layer of protection they offer has been warmly welcomed, especially as it's been pretty cold this winter."

Rob Hayles comments...

What our customers say

“'Tis a little chilly out there. I've been using the Blockers on all my bikes and they've been great!...What can I say! It's not extravagant to have warm hands and feet; it's a necessity.”

- Rob Hayles (Triple Olympic Medalist and Double World Champion Cyclist)
“I have to say that it is a product that I have been waiting for someone to invent for years. I ride 25 miles a day, commute all year round and really suffer with cold hands and feet - especially last winter. I have tried every combination of winter gloves/shoes/ over shoes and never found anything that truly works. So far I am really, really impressed with your product. Really chuffed. A great product brought to market by a UK company. I'm in the market for a set of your foot shields now.”

- Jimmy (via email)
“Initially I was pretty sceptical about how much of a difference BreezeBlockers would make compared to conventional gloves, but I gave them a shot. The difference was unbelievable and in all but the coldest weather, you can do away with gloves if you wanted. Im a definite convert.”

- Rich
“As a northern-based cyclist myself (one with circulation that would make a snake chilly) I know fine well the awful winter temperatures which besmirch my training rides. Being cold has, for me, a very negative affect. So does 3 pairs of gloves on my handling ability. I'm happy to say I've purchased a pair of BreezeBlockers to give them a go, and having actually read the website and the research that has clearly gone into the product, hope my purchase will be justified in the coming months.”

- from the BikeRadar Forum
“With temperatures nearing freezing, I rode for long periods with no gloves - my hands were sheltered from the elements behind the 'BreezeBlockers Aeroshield'. A great product.”

- Dave R.(U.K)
“A product that you don't realize you need until you start using them, amazing!”

- Kris.D. (U.K.)
“BreezeBlockers AeroShields' are very effective at protecting my hands from cold winter winds, they have made some of my rides during this dreadful winter much more bearable.”

- Andy B. (U.K.)
“I was a bit dubious at first as they had 'an air' of pizza delivery moped, but after one particularly cold 6.30am commute I loved them. I have been asked at more than one traffic light stop about where to get them.... I hope they all purchase. Great Product.”

- London Cyclist - competition winner